Cardmaking How To #1: Heart of Hearts

Today during my cardmaking and crafting time in the evening after dinner, I decided to start working on Valentine’s Day cards to sell in my Etsy shop (CardstockQueen). I know it sounds early, I mean, we haven’t even started 2017 yet but in the cardmaking world you’re usually about two to three months ahead of the holiday curve. Unless it’s Winter/Christmas cards, then you start them  the same time as the Fall/Halloween cards.  I had bought all of these buttons at a shop called Hearts-N-Crafts during their last crop on Black Friday and I really wanted to use them in a project.  Enter in the button heart! It was phenomenally easy and quick to make, but if you make multiples of them they will all turn out different. Here are some pictures and steps if you would like to create this heart too.


Step one is to cut out the shapes you will need, in this case being a flag and a heart.  I used the Sizzix Framelits Flag die which I got from Michaels and the heart is from a brand called Ecstasy Crafts in a line called Nellie’s Choice Multi Frame’s which I found on Amazon. A little obscure but they work just fine and are inexpensive. Now, it’s easy enough to do this by hand with scissors for the heart and a paper trimmer for the flag but I decided to use my Sizzix BigKick to do the job. As for paper, I picked a plain white 80lb cardstock from Michaels for the heart since it will be mostly covered but colored would work here too.  For the flag I took a rose colored paper pack I found at Michaels and picked a softly colored floral pattern to go with the delicateness of the heart. Once you have your desired papers and shapes, go ahead and move onto step two!


Next, I picked my favorite colored buttons: rose, two whites, and a pearlescent white and a gold which I wound up not using. I also got out some purple rhinestones, you’ll see for what in a second.  I then took my tape runner, I like the Stamp Runner by Tombow and the Elmer’s tape runner but you can use anything that would adhere the heart to the flag- you could even sew it on if you’re being adventurous! I lined my heart up by joining the two center points of each cut.


This is where the heart starts to look more elegant.  I needed something to encase the buttons so they would retain the shape of a heart when glued down so I used the rhinestones as a sort of barrier. Luckily these rhinestones are not individual but cut into manipulatable strips making creating the heart shape very easy. I use them later in the project so don’t put them away just yet. Onto the next step!


I then took my buttons and arranged them in the spots that I wanted them, alternating the colors of the rows with white and rose.  I did this BEFORE I started gluing anything down. I’ve learned this from lots of mistakes and tossed cards because I didn’t like where something was laid but I had already glued it down.  Then, when I was happy with what I saw, I took my favorite liquid glue which is the Ranger Multi Matte Medium.  I love this glue so much because, since it’s matte, if it dries outside of underneath it doesn’t show.  I just did one line of glue in the shape of the button and then a line from top to bottom in between the holes.  When that was done, I did have a lot of blank space that the buttons wouldn’t fit in.  Now, I don’t really have many different sized buttons but if you do this will be less of an issue.  But, if you have a lot of white space for whatever reason, you can use your handy dandy rhinestones again. Here I grabbed my gold rhinestones too but looking back, I would stick to one color.  These rhinestones come in strips but you can easily cut or pull them apart and then you can place them one by one but as I got an idea as to how much space each would take up I started putting down two or three at a time. See? Rhinestones fix everything!

I then went on to create a card with this, but before I show and explain how to do that I want you to see that you can just leave this as is and use multiples of them as a place card at a party and you can write their names above the heart.  You could also make six of them, two heart ones and then spell out on the other four ‘LOVE’ in buttons (or rhinestones, whichever 😉 ) Okay, onto one of the things I do best, card making!


Now, while there are no pictures of the process of putting the card together, it’s pretty easily explained.  I pulled out my favorite card blank by Michaels, a 6.5″x5″ Ivory card base and set that aside while I worked on assembling the rest.  I then took a dark purple, 65lb cardstock from the Micheal’s Cool Water cardstock pack and cut that at 6″x4.5″.  I put some tape runner on it, again I would not use liquid glue here, lined it up to the card to try and get it somewhat even, and then pressed it down into place.  Now, if you want to put a stamp of the back of the card that says Handmade by… then I would do that now, because we are going to use dimension next and trying to stamp on that is always a big pain. I then took some circular pop dots a friend had given me and I placed three as evenly spaced as possible  on the right and left hand side, lining them up with their mate, and then I put one in the middle of all three except for the  bottom one.  Since we have that ‘mountain peak’, for lack of a better explanation, and placed the third and final one at the point. I then removed the backing from all of pop dots and I carefully lined it up and stuck it down.  At this point I decided it needed something more, because the  heart is not a big enough symbol, so I went through my stickers looking for the word ‘Love’ and found the perfect one… in the middle of a bunch of other words.  Luckily it was on it’s own line, so it was a clean cut.  I know, how dare I cut up stickers but I swear they don’t scream. And that’s it folks. I hope you enjoyed my first every Cardmaking How To post, I hope to do more in the coming year along with tips and tricks I have learned along the way. Would you like that? Be sure to check out my other social media for the latest and greatest, and I’ll be seeing you soon! XO Emma



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