I am woman, hear me roar

This princess is tired of waiting on princes to come and save her, it’s time I became my own hero and saved myself.

Where is this coming from, you may ask. Well, I was watching the show ‘The Goldbergs’ last night and part of the story line is all about how the daughter wrote an essay about her hero and it was her mom. Fine and dandy, right? Until the mom starts to take things too far and the daughter changes the essay and writes about how she is her own hero.  That got me thinking, why am I sitting around waiting for someone else to save me, or rescue me, or whatever?  I think it’s high time this princess grew some balls and became a badass in her own right.  Is it going to be hard? Yes. Will I fail more than I succeed? Most likely. Is a dragon going to eat me? … Probably not on that one, but hey, you never know dinosaurs may walk again. Just look at who is to be our president, ancient. Let’s think about it though, why do we as women, need someone else to save us? Protect us? Give us food and shelter? We have our own strengths and we can withstand so much and endure so much and still survive and even thrive. There are so many badass women out there right now who I look up to but I look up to none more than my aunts and my mother and my grandmother.  They are the strongest women I know and I am so lucky to have them to guide me and show me the way and how to be a strong, independent, badass woman.  I need to stop second guessing myself and my talents and what I KNOW I can do and what I can easily learn to do.  I can show it in my work, both in my cards and on the computer.  Starting today I want to make some changes.  Starting today I want to stop sitting on the sidelines and start playing.



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