Wedding Wednesday- Table Cards

I’ve been gone for a long time and this is the reason, I’m in a wedding and doing many crafts for it that take up most (if not all) of my time.  I am making the table cards along with the Thank you cards for the bride and groom.  Today I’m going to show you how I make the table cards and what products I think work best for what I am doing. Go on, keep reading! It’ll be good, I promise.


The top picture is where I was crafting these cards the other day because laying them out does take up a lot of space, so the kitchen table was the perfect idea.  I use glossy accents to glue down the bicycle that my dad so lovingly cut about 200 of because I just didn’t have the time.  I glue the bike to the top left of the card with the top of the bike and part of the left most wheel hanging off.

Next, I take my dip quill pen that I got at the local Renaissance faire and dip it into opaque black India Ink and carefully write “Enjoy the Journey” on the right side of the bicycle.  The trick to using this pen is to press with a heavy hand to get the ink flowing but then lighten up consistently to keep the ink from pooling onto the card.  I really enjoy using dip and quill pens because of how they make my writing feel and look.

For the next bit of writing I take the Pilot Parallel pen in 1.5mm, filled with a gorgeous Pilot Parallel green cartridge, and I use my slanted cursive to write out the Table (and as soon as I get the list, the table number).  The last bit of writing is using my dip quill pen again but this time in Speedball Gold ink, which is more of a golden yellow if you ask me, and nicely write out the name or names of the guest.  Obviously I will not be doing that here for safety reasons and because I don’t know where anyone is sitting yet.


For the final step I put three drops of the Nuvo Crystal Drops in clear in a triangular formation next to the sentiment “Enjoy the Journey”.


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