Wedding Celebrations

Well, you could say I’ve been gone for weeks and you’d be right. I flew out to Maryland for my Aunt’s wedding and haven’t had the time or the energy to write. But, now, just as we’re about to head out, I get a second wind and just have to write. About what, who knows. Probably about the wedding since that is the title. I didn’t get too many pictures because I was the maid of honor and as such had major duties to fulfill. So not many photos… yet. We’ll see what everyone else took. Anyway, the wedding was beautiful as were the events leading up to it. My best friend came in from Pittsburgh to be my date to the wedding which was extra special because I had not seen her in over three years-not since we graduated from college together. Here we are at one of the pre wedding festivities above.


For the actual wedding I got my hair done professionally and it had a gorgeous crystal and faux pearl clip in it.jutrust me, they both looked


I will post pictures of the gorgeous bride and handsome groom if I get permission. Just, trust me, they both looked amazing. Since I won’t show you them yet, here I am in the dress I got at Torrid. I felt beautiful, and I never feel beautiful. But this dress did it for me. V-neck, A Line skirt with a tulle undershirt, I was in fifties heaven!!

wedding blogIMG_20170331_191238932My makeup was a Smokey grey to go with the silver in my dress. For that I used NYX eyeshadow for the silver and Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy for the neutral base. I did wear my Miss Adoro 747 Mediums and they were the perfect touch along with a good coat of mascara. I also did my best friends makeup and the brides makeup, as well. Along with touch UPS on her hair. It was a busy morning to say the least. But it was so rewarding when she began to walk down the aisle, escorted by her sisters, when everyone stood up and then spontaneously started clapping when they saw her. I would have clapped but my hands were kind of full, haha. It was rainy and cold but it was beautiful none the less.

Looking back at these pictures I finally see how truly exhausted I was, as we all were by that point. But I wouldn’t have traded the experience  for anything.

Well, I have spent the whole night writing this because I couldn’t sleep at all.  Have a great day, loves, and cherish every moment.

XO Emma





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