Perfectly Posh or Perfectly Not?

These past few weeks I have changed my skincare routine to try out a new brand called Perfectly Posh and let me tell you one thing. I am perfectly pleased with the products!!  My skin is pretty sensitive, especially to change, so I tend to stay away from organic, gluten free, etc products because they can really aggravate my skin.  Yet, these products are organic and vegan friendly and yet my skin has responded positively to the products that I am using.  Before using these products my skin was absolutely terrible, even with using Epiduo.  So I was willing to try practically anything, I’m even still considering trying Curology.  You do have to purchase from a consultant but you can do it online and you can use my consultant (no, I was not asked to post this).  So let’s get into the review of the products, shall we


Hot Mess Big Fat Yummy Hand Cream


I love hand creams, with my favorite being Soap and Glory’s Hand Food but this is coming very close to being number one.  It’s definitely my favorite one in my office.  It’s non greasy, not super heavy, and smells absolutely divine.  It smells of a pink pepperpod and a musky base.  It’s not too overpowering, either. It comes in a short fat squeeze tube, perfect size for any hand.


I have pretty bad insomnia, so I am willing to try anything that claims to help you sleep.  So when I saw this Sleepy Sleep skin stick on the Perfectly Posh website, I figured I would give it a try.  The main scent of this stick is, surprise surprise, lavender.  Lavender and not much else.  I apply this to my pulse points when I am getting ready for bed.  I put it on  my wrists, my inner elbow, my neck, and behind my ears.  Sometimes I even put it under my nose so I am sure to smell it.  I’m not totally sure if this helps me sleep or not but I do know that I like the scent and when I’m really stressed it helps to relax me, which is all I can ever ask for anyway.


The next thing I got is the Goodnight Kisses overnight lip mask, this may be the one product that I am on the fence about.  The product smells nice and goes on nicely but it’s very light for being an overnight lip mask.  Then again I do prefer heavier lip balms, like Carmex for instance.  So, all in all, this is neither a good nor a bad product.  I am indifferent to it.  If you like lighter lip balms then this might be the perfect overnight lip mask for you.


Of course, whenever I try a new brand if they have a face mask I HAVE to try it.  There were so many to choose from but I chose the Go West face mask which is a detoxing, exfoliating mask.  It is made with red clay and volcanic ash add the exfoliating factor.  I have definitely noticed a difference, a good difference, in a my skin since using this a few times a week.  A much larger difference than what I notice with other masks I have tried.  It also has rosehip oil and licorice root to help calm the skin and cleanse it. Like any typical mask you leave it on for five to ten minutes and then you rinse it off. Simple yet effective.  I can’t wait to try more of their face masks.DSC01903

I’ve also tried their face wash called “Complexion Perfection” which does just that, perfects your complexion.  With walnut shells, peppermint for soothing, and aloe for it’s softening properties.  I have never owned a face wash that makes my skin feel as good as this wash makes my skin.  I love peppermint so that is an added bonus.  I have the feeling that this would be great to use if your face got sunburned because of the aloe in it.


The Dawn on Me oil is the only moisturizer type product that I got this round.  I don’t usually wear oils on my face during the day but this absorbs really quickly and moisturizes your skin without leaving it feeling greasy.  It is a bit of a challenge getting the oil out, but not impossible.  They have one made for nighttime as well, so I think next order I will be getting that.


The last product I got  was their Zit Zapper cream. I am really really pleased with how this has been working.  I still use my Epiduo every night but I also use this now at night and in the morning.  It doesn’t dry me out, doesn’t make me shiny, nothing!  What it does do is keep my skin hydrated and supple all day long.

So, all in all, I am very very pleased with my first Perfectly Posh order.  IF you  would like to check them out too, click  here and you will be taken to their main site.  If you have any questions feel free to contact my rep Tarra Provident. Her e-mail is She can answer any questions you have about the products!

I hope you enjoyed this (very long) review post. If you would like more in depth reviews on anything, just let me know!



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