Rubbernecker card class

On May 27th I got the chance to attend a card class lead by the owner and designer of Rubbernecker stamps, Rob Miller.  I was a little apprehensive at first because I had never been to a card class before so I didn’t really know what to expect.

It wound up being so much fun!  I made new friends and learned a great new technique, which I will explain to you.  But first I will show you how my first images came out:

What we did first was pour Color Burst powder into a palette and then use a wet brush to activate the pigment.  I then painted it onto the first stamp, which is just a blank shape of what the final image will be. Before you stamp it down, you spritz it with a water mister but not so much that it pools but just enough to start to mix the colors.  I then quickly flipped it over and stuck it on the paper and held it down for 10-20 seconds.   You do have to use either uncoated water color paper or the smooth side of water color paper to make this work with the stamps.   Rubbernecker does sell their own uncoated water color paper, which I used here and it works great.  After you have lifted your blank image stamp and revealed your beautiful painted image, you take your heat gun to the image to dry the picture and prepare it for embossing.  You then take your VersaMark, or whatever water mark ink you choose, and coat your outline stamp with it.  You line it up with the top lines of your blank image and stamp it down.  You then choose your embossing powder, gold for warm images, silver for cool, or whatever colors you would like- I’ve even used purple and tinsel blue! The result is the images above, aren’t they awesome?! I love trying different mixes of colors and strengths of colors to see how it affects the final outcome.  I just love learning new techniques in general.  I know that Hearts ‘n’ Crafts in Covina, CA holds a lot of classes which I only attend the pocket letter class but after this I will be attending more and more classes especially the card making classes since that is what I do.   The whole staff is so welcoming and so are the teachers and it’s a great price for what you get and learn.  Check out the Hearts-n-Crafts Etc. website for updates on their latest classes and products!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I will be back soon with more shenanigans and ramblings.




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