Getting fit… and liking it


Earlier this summer, I made a decision to change my life.  I was tired of being tired and sluggish and slow and not feeling comfortable in my clothes let alone my own skin.  So I contacted a former classmate and cast member that I was still in contact with who had become a personal trainer and asked her if she would train me.  Help me get back into what I call my ‘STI’ (Summer Theatre Institute) shape.  That was my freshman year of college and the most fit I have ever been.  I was working out practically six hours a day and eating healthy… okay, most of the time, there were some cheats in there.  Anyway, that’s off topic.  My goal is to get back into that shape.  While it is going to take a while because I do still have two broken legs that refuse to heal, I am going to do everything else that doesn’t involve my lower body.  Which means a lot of abs and arms.  Alicia did a fantastic job at creating  a work out circuit for me to do five days a week.  At first it was very VERY hard because I had no motivation, I was scared to be completely honest.  Of what? Who knows, because I certainly don’t. But now I am not scared, I’m usually excited to do my work out.
2017-07-26 07.56.34

Alicia did a great job at creating a work out regime that I could complete in my wheelchair with out having to get on the floor because I simply cannot.  Working out is easy the hard part that I’m still working on is the sleep and the eating right.  I’m doing better at eating better.  I’m eating smaller portions, less junk, all that good kind of stuff.  But that’s the thing about trying to make a healthier lifestyle, it doesn’t happen over night.  Heck, it doesn’t happen over a summer.  It’s a LIFEstyle change and life takes a lot to change.  Here are some of the commandments I *try* to follow.  (Key word being try)


I was very proud of myself today, I can finally see it starting to pay off.  I started the summer as a pants size 20/22 and now I’m down to an 18! I know, it doesn’t seem like much, but to me it’s like winning the Superbowl.  I was glowing when they fit in the dressing room, just glowing.  I made this post to let you know that you can do it and if you need support, like me, I will be there for you and we can support each other.


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